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CCTV Installation


Now a days CCTV is installed at maximum places and it’s becoming necessity for business, warehouses, home, factory, government offices, banks, commercial places, public places, schools, Hospitals etc.

These security systems are designed for your security and thus it also needs maintenance that cannot be fixed by its own.

We, Stark Eleven provides CCTV services whether products are installed by us or some other vendor.

We have categorized three type of services

  • CMC (Comprehensive Maintenance Cost)
  • AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost)
  • Paid Service

CMC: We cover all installed CCTV parts including labor charges if your system develops any fault. This package should be must have protection for your CCTV system.
We only provide CMC on system installed by us.

AMC: If your CCTV system is installed by some other vendor and you might not getting services as it was committed, here is time to Contact us & enjoy our services. This is one of the best Electronic security service cover you will get once we take survey and accept your system, all labor will be provided against your system faults on yearly bases.

UPGRADE & BUYBACK: If you are not satisfied with CCTV products, contact us and give us a chance to upgrade your security system with our standard HD CCTV, IP CCTV and we also provide buyback facility or your existing Electronic Security Systems.

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