Why use Surveillance hard disk for DVR/NVR?

We always find issues while we visit for security system maintenance for customers. Like DVR is not recording properly, Hard disk drive error..!! & lost recording data time to time.

These issues causes due to Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
Security system installer need to provide service @ doorstep for customers and this will damage his company’s reputation but also increase service cost.

Why Hard Disk Drive causes this problem?

DVR is designed to perform its duty on continuous working time. Many security installers install normal desktop hard disk drive which doesn’t compliment DVR.

Normal Hard Disk Drive are not designed to continuously read and write data for longer period and thus DVR provide data 24 X 7 to write on Hard Disk Drive, so HDD starts causing issues like HDD ERROR..!! RECORDING ERROR..!! Etc…

Normal Hard Disk Drive take at least 2.8 Amp to 3.2 Amp on DVR start-up while DVR comes up with 12 V 3 Amp power supply that slowly starts causing problem to Hard Disk Drive.

Normal HDD’s are designed to work for not more than 10 hours a day and 5 days in a week once system is power up.
How we can fix Hard Disk Drive issues?

Top leading Hard Disk Drive manufacturers have noticed these issues and launched Industry grade capable of working for long period of time 24 X 7 (24 hours a day and 7 days per week) DVR/NVR dedicated Surveillance Hard Disk Drive that can meet up this requirement.

Surveillance Hard Disk Drive need less power 2.0 Amp for Hard Disk Drive start-up that compliments Digital Video Recorder well…
Surveillance Hard Drive has very rare chance of downtime & reset errors.

Company’s like Western Digital & Seagate are providing Surveillance hard disk with 2 & 3 years Warranty.
We strongly recommend to use Surveillance hard disk for your CCTV Security System.